About Us

An Evening of Music and Fun Celebrations of Life with a Professional Mobile DJ Service

Hello! Congratulations on your upcoming wedding and/or special event. Thank you for considering Regeneration Productions to DJ/MC/provide entertainment for your special day of music and fun. One of the most important aspects of planning a special event is selecting the right source of music. A proficient DJ can make your event an unforgettable one by creating an electric atmosphere at the party and on the dance floor. The best DJs listen carefully to the genres of music the client requested and are open to additional suggestions and requests while adding their own unique touch to the party. If you are looking for a DJ for hire in the Houston Area, Regeneration Productions is your best bet for musical entertainment at your next event. With over 10 years of experience, we know what it takes to make your wedding reception or other special occasion memorable.

10 Reasons for Choosing Regeneration Production’s DJ Service:

1. Professional
Personalized service, pre-event consultations, professional announcements, and professional mannerisms. The DJ you book is the DJ you get (we do not sublet or send out any other DJs). It means we do what we say we will do!
2. Reliable
We show up early and stay for the full amount of time agreed upon, unless instructed otherwise. We have never missed or double booked an event.
3. Affordable
We are not the cheapest around, nor the most expensive DJ service. You’ll like the way you get to pick the components to your packaging to fit your needs, liking, and budget. You pick the proper attire for your event.
4. Coordination
We have years of experience in ceremony, reception, and/or special event planning. We personalize your event to fit your vision, your day, your event, your way.
5. Experience
We have performed and coordinated over a thousand wedding ceremonies and receptions, and hundreds of special events. We don’t know everything, but we do know what works. We are constantly innovating new approaches to make your event unique and memorable.
6. No Surprises
Only the DJ you booked and the music you and your guests request are what you get. You can sit back and simply enjoy your event
7. State of the Art Equipment
We use the same professional brand name equipment clubs, radio stations, smaller bands, and venues use. DBX, Denon, Furman, JBL, Mackie, QSC, Sabine, Shure, and Yamaha complete our two sound systems. We use digital compact discs and mp3 music formats to complete our services.
8. Versatile
Some of our clients like a low key, elegant affair. Some like it cranked up to create an energized event. Some like it in between the two extremes. We do it your way.
9. We Care
We want you to be happy. We want your event to be as perfect as humanly possible. We take pride in striving to be the best we can be.
10. Fun
We love what we do. It shows as we create fun out of thin air! It’s almost like magic.

Types of Events We Do

  • Wedding (Ceremony and Reception)
  • School Dances
  • Prom Dances
  • Graduation Dances
  • Homecoming Dances
  • Reunion Parties
  • Anniversary Parties
  • Valentine Dances
  • Company Parties
  • Retirement Parties
  • Corporate Events
  • Christmas Parties
  • New Year’s Eve Parties
  • Holiday Parties
  • Awards Banquets
  • Theme Parties
  • Fraternity Dances
  • Sorority Dances
  • Father/Daughter Dances
  • Mother/Son Dances
  • Sadie Hawkins Events
  • Birthday Parties •
  • Sweet 16
  • Block Parties